Gone are the days when you had to wield trimmers running on oil and gas. The introduction of cordless technology has made them obsolete. With the cordless technology, there are no more mixing cans of oil and gasoline and no more breaking into a sweat trying to persuade an unwilling gas engine to start.

Today, powerful cordless hedge trimmers have become the preferred choice that not only make trimming convenient, but also produce professional results on all types of hedge. These impressive trimmers, operating with a high stroke rate, and are armed with special cutters with a long tooth height that facilitate cutting off branches of considerable diameters.

A cordless hedge trimmer is the best investment you can make, if you need to maintain hedges, shrubs and trees in your lawn. Go in for a trimmer that is suitable for your purpose, since going for a more powerful one will only prove a waste of money.

BLACK & DECKER LHT2436 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Black &Decker hedge trimmer is equipped with a 24-inch dual-action blade that cuts cleanly and comfortably. It is more stable than single-action blades and produces 40 percent less vibration. The cutting prowess of this trimmer is impressive. Its shearing blade is capable of cutting up to 0.75-inch thick branches. This is because its blades are constructed from pre-hardened and rust-resistant steel that stay sharp for a longer duration.

A 40-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery that is capable of handling toughest of jobs, powers this trimmer. Not only this, it trims up to 6,000 square feet of hedges on a single charge. This is because the lithium ion batteries hold a charge five times longer than nickel cadmium ones. The trimmer also comes with an Energy Star-rated fast charger that fully recharges the battery in about an hour.

As far as comfort is concerned, its lightweight and compact design makes it user-friendly, causing less fatigue. In addition, the tool has a full wrap-around front handle that offers a gripping area that is soft and comfortable, providing a secure grip for trimming and cutting at any angle.

Greenworks Cordless Hedge Trimmer

An innovative 180-degree rotating rear handle attached with the Greenworks hedge trimmer makes it easy to trim at multiple angles. Its 20-inch dual action steel blade delivers optimal cutting performance with reduced vibration. The hardened steel possesses the capability of cutting branches as thick as 0.75 inches in diameter.

The G-MAX 40V lithium-ion battery system powers this machine, which not only delivers higher efficiency, but also a longer run time. It is capable of powering more than 25 tools. The trimmer comes with 2Ah battery and charger.

A push button start and its lightweight design enhance the ease of operation of this trimmer. This makes yard work a whole lot easier. Add to this a wrap-around auxiliary handle that prevents fatigue while cutting.

DEWALT DCHT820B Max Hedge Trimmer

A powerful high output motor with the Dewalt hedge trimmer delivers a minimum cutting stroke of 2800 strokes per minute (SPM). Its 22-inch long hooked tooth laser cut blade of hardened steel provides clean and fast cuts. It is fully capable of cutting branches up to 0.75-inch thickness. Not only is the blade a powerful trimming tool, it also has an inbuilt protection. If the blade hits any hard obstacle during cutting, it engages the friction clutch, thus protecting transmission.

The trimmer uses a high capacity 5Ah lithium-ion battery that makes it more efficient and fast. Weighing at only 7.5 lbs, this lightweight trimmer is compact and easy to maneuver, thereby decreasing stress on your arms. It is part of the 20V MAX system of tools.

Advantages of cordless hedge trimmers

Besides the above mentioned features of electric hedge trimmers, these offer some additional advantages too

  • Storage: A modern cordless hedge trimmer is easy to store in your shed all winter and you can start it with the press of a button when you need it in the warmer months, unlike oil or gas one that may take some effort in bringing to life.
  • Ease of use: Not only can you quick start a cordless hedge trimmer into action at the press of a button, it provides greater maneuverability and an infinite reach. This is because there is no extension cord limiting it. It also does not need a power point nearby.
  • Cost and maintenance: It is true that a cordless hedge trimmer is more expensive than a corded one, but it requires minimal maintenance.

Whether you admit it or not, trimming hedges is an unpleasant chore and you usually end up dragging your feet for undertaking this thankless task. In addition, hiring professionals for the job costs a bundle. However, the good news is it is not a burden anymore and you have to thank technology for it.

With the latest hedge trimmers, you are no more required to strain your arms handling a manual hedge pruner and end up tiring yourself and cutting your hedge in weird shapes. You can now conveniently go in for a gasoline hedge trimmer or a push button operated electric hedge trimmer with or without cord. These hedge trimmers not only make trimming hedges easy, convenient and quick, but provide oodles of fun too.

Best corded hedge trimmer


This powerful hedge trimmer is ideal for taller and wider hedges and shrubs. It is equipped with a 24-inch precision ground dual-action blade that is made of hardened steel. Its shearing blades are capable of delivering 2800 cutting strokes per minute, which not only make cutting 0.75-inch thick branches easy, but also decrease the vibrations by 40 percent, as compared to single action blades. Its longer blades offer extended reaches and its improved body design distributes the weight evenly to give it a light feel and better control.

Designed for comfort, the trimmer’s rear handle rotates 180 degrees for ideal hand position, when trimming both vertically and horizontally, and while sculpting. The tool has a full wrap-around bail handle with soft rubber grip. It has multi-grip options that provide greater control. Not only this, it is also designed for extended reach that makes trimming tasks at various angles a cinch. Being lightweight, weighing only 6.5 lbs, using it is not fatiguing at all.

As far as power is concerned, it has an innovative inline motor. This powerful 3.3 Amp motor, with gear reduction for added durability, is designed to deliver controlled and precision trimming. You need to plug it in for continuous operation. Its lock-on switch along with a built-in cord retainer helps keep the extension cord in place, for uninterrupted use. As a safety measure, it is also has a lock-off switch that prevents accidental start. The trimmer comes fully assembled with a 2-year warranty.

Choosing a suitable hedge trimmer

The best way to choose what you need is to review the kinds of hedge trimmers available in the market and what all they can accomplish. Remember, the kind of hedge trimmer you select has a big impact on the result.

There are three kinds of hedge trimmers based on their power sources – gasoline, electric and battery. In the case of a gasoline trimmer, a combustion engine powers its blades. The electric one runs on corded electricity supply, and the battery-powered one sources electricity from a high-voltage battery. All these powered hedge trimmers are ideal for maintaining hedge lines and creating uniform pruning lines.

Advantages and drawbacks of different types of hedge trimmers

Gas-powered hedge trimmer


  • Powerful, can cut through thicker branches and shrubs. Usually preferred by professionals.
  • Requires no cord that may limit its reach, enabling it to cover a wider area more efficiently.
  • No risk of trimmer blade cutting through the cord.


  • Makes a lot of noise and gives off fumes that add to air pollution. Thus, it’s not environment friendly.
  • It is heavier than both electric and battery powered trimmers.
  • Requires more maintenance and takes time to bring it into action from storage.
  • Starting a cold engine may become a chore.

Corded electric-powered hedge trimmer


  • It is very easy to use. Just plug it to an extension cord, press the start button and begin pruning.
  • Lighter than a gas-powered trimmer.
  • No toxic emissions.
  • Quieter than gas-powered one.


  • Requires long extension cord for a longer reach, making it impractical for homes with extensive yards.
  • Cord adds weight to the trimmer, thereby making it heavier to handle.
  • Vigilance is required to ensure that trimmer blades do not accidentally cut the cord.
  • If we look at the power, it is less powerful than gasoline and high voltage battery trimmers.

Battery-powered hedge trimmer


  • These are the easiest to use than the above two types. Starts at the press of a button, once a charged battery is installed.
  • Lighter than gas-powered trimmers.
  • No toxic emissions.
  • Higher voltage models provide a cutting power that equals 2-cycle gas-powered trimmers.
  • Makes less noise than a gas-powered one.


  • Limited run time, since battery needs recharging.
  • Most are not as powerful as similarly priced gas-powered ones.

Criteria for selecting a hedge trimmer

The one rule is to go for your specific needs in selecting a hedge trimmer, since these are not one-size-fits-all kind. The main things to look for are safety and comfort.

Safety features

The trimmer should have

  • Single-sided blades, since they are safer than double-sided ones.
  • Tooth extensions that prevent accidental self-injury.
  • An off position lock that prevents accidental starting.
  • A front handle shield that prevents the hand from slipping and touching the blade.
  • Automatic power cut feature that stops the trimmer the moment hand is lifted from the handle.
  • Tip protector to avoid accidental bumping against hard objects.

Comfort features

The trimmer should have

  • Wrap-around handles that provide a comfortable grip at all angles while trimming.
  • Lock on switch that obviates the need for keeping the trigger depressed the whole time while pruning.
  • A pigtail cord that can prevent accidental disconnection of the cord.
  • Anti-vibration feature that reduces the impact on arms while operating.
  • Catcher plate to sweep cuttings out of the way while trimming.
  • Battery indicator light to see how much charge is left.

Other features

Take these also into account while selecting a hedge trimmer.

  • Yard size: If your yard is large enough to be beyond the reach of corded trimmers, go for a gas-powered one.
  • Blade size: The gap between the teeth of the blade determines the capacity of the trimmer. The wider the gap, the tougher branches it cuts.
  • Hedge height: Ensure that the trimmer you select is proficient in pruning high hedges without tiring your arms. Consider a trimmer with a rotating head that cuts both horizontally and vertically.
  • Cost: The cheapest hedge trimmers in the market are the electric ones, because they do not require batteries or an internal combustion engine. As far as other features are concerned, you get what you pay for.
  • Noise level: A gas-powered trimmer at 97 decibels has double the sound level of an electric one. A battery-powered one makes the least noise.

Other popular hedge trimmers

GreenWorks 2272 Pole Hedge Trimmer

  • Powered by G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery system.
  • 20-inch dual action steel blade.
  • 3-position pivoting head for trimming at multiple angles.
  • 6.5 feet shaft extension with a cutting capacity of 5/8 inch.

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer

  • Motor delivers 1,350 SPM.
  • 22-inch steel blade.
  • Vibrations minimized by five cushions inside the motor housing.
  • Battery recharge indicator light.
  • Low noise level at 87 decibels.

Greenworks 18-Inch 2.7 Amp Corded Hedge Trimmer

  • 2.7 Amp electric motor.
  • 18-inch dual action steel blade.
  • 3/8-inch cutting capacity.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Provided with cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging.

If you are interested in buying a suitable hedge trimmer, the information given herein will be of immense help in selecting a perfect one. Your choice should primarily rest upon the amount of trimming load your yard requires.