The adage that dog happens to be our best friend still holds true. For some of you, your dog means the world. A dog lover is usually a worldly individual, content with the circumstances that surround him or her. Though it may differ from person to person, depending on your work schedule, but as a dog lover, I am sure you love to spend time with your companion.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing a gift for your special friend, you need to spend some time! When choosing gifts for dog owners, you have to be extra careful, as you do not want to present this person with something frivolous. He or she has spent an important part of their lives loving an animal and have made it indispensable to theirs.

A gift is a wonderful feeling and choosing the correct one makes it even more worthwhile. In this article, we would talk about the kinds of presents one can gift to a dog lover:

Rescue Collectibles


Rescued dogs or for that matter, any animal are an intrinsic part of many households. They do take time to come to terms with their new homes but eventually become an irreplaceable member of the house. Quite a few organizations rescue and rehabilitate animals and they are always in need of some extra funds because looking after an animal is indeed an expensive endeavor and such organizations look after literally hundreds of them.

Many such organizations, as well as affiliate institutions, sell souvenirs to generate financial resources. Ranging from flower vases to cups and mugs can be found on many websites. Scented candles are also a rage when it comes to gifts. Quickly buy one and have it wrapped. The dog and his human would certainly be waiting for one. Listed below are links to some of them:

The Quilted Jacket


Winters are harsh for everyone and no matter how strong the dog may be, they are sensitive animals and need to be well looked after. The cold weather may not always be suitable for everyone and the probability of your favorite pet falling ill is quite high. Hence, to overcome such an eventuality, gift the person and his beloved friend a quilted jacket. It will give the animal all the warmth and comfort during the winter months. Dog-quilted jackets are snug and well fitting and it will surely bestow all the love on him/her, as the owner would want it to.

The Dog Doodled Socks


No matter how fashion conscious an individual may be, if the love for the dog is infinite, these socks will simply be a hit. Dog doodle socks are also a current rage and can be found in almost all the online shopping sites as well as departmental and clothing stores.



Continuing with the dog lovers clothing trend, the shoodles is an exciting way to show how much you love your dog. It is basically, a doodled shoe and hence the term shoodles. The shoes come in all sizes, the doodles are printed, and because of that, they do not run the risk of fading after a wash. They are mostly washable and like all shoes comfortable.

The Photo Frame


A picture speaks a thousand words and with a photo frame, it can stay forever. There are umpteen dog themed photo frames, which would interest the individual. The market is awash with beautifully crafted photo frames with dog imprints. The individual can click and place his pets’ picture within those frames and relive all those memories again.

Bling Jewellery


Now it totally depends on the individualistic taste.  Not everyone would prefer jewelry. However, if the person does have a fondness for such things, then you can look for paw shaped necklaces or dog themed earrings, which can suit the recipient. Bling jewelry usually comes in polished silver and is durable. They are petite to look at and are stylish.

Bedding Sets


The ubiquitous bed sheets along with the pillow cover with dog prints on it are a favorite among dog lovers. They come in different materials, though usually cotton, have dog prints on them, and are long lasting. They come with a guarantee and are washable too. Dog themed bedding sets can be found in most catalogs and are easy on the pocket.  People who love their dogs are quite fond of such gifts and finding one in such homes is not rare at all.

The Dog Walking Bag


This is an accessory every dog loving family would love, to have. In fact, it is a need and with outdoor activities with the animal being a must, the dog-walking bag becomes more of a necessity. Most modern dog walking bags are stylish by design and are spacious to hold most of the animals’ necessities. One can carry food and a water bottle for longer walks. Many of these dog-walking bags come with custom designed water bottles.

The Turdlebag


Now this one is a must for every dog owner. The turdlebag is nothing but a custom designed bag, which will hold the poop bags of one’s dog.  With a turdlebag, the dog and his/her human partner need not have to look for a garbage outlet or a secluded spot to relieve. The bag usually comes in as a leash attachment and is easy to handle. The turdlebag also has an inbuilt poop dispenser and hence is an indispensable part of the dog accessories.

The Fetch Holder


This enclosure is nothing but a holder of the ball, which one would use to keep the ball. The fetch ball is as much fun for the dog as it is a headache for the human since it has the tendency to misplace itself. With the fetch ball holder, the ball can now be kept at a place where one can easily access it. These come in standard tennis ball sizes and are easy to handle.

The dog lovers gifting items can be numerous and it entirely depends on the persons taste. However, with the shopping realm opening up, the options too have become plenty. However, just do remember, that at the end of the day, the expression of gifting is more important than the gift itself and for a dog lover, anything that has to do with his or her favorite animal will be accepted and cherished with an open heart.