Many cat owners are crazy about cute design items that have something to do with cats. We’ll list a few gift ideas including some unconventional ones, for someone you know that is a cat person.

Funny Cat owner mug

This cat owner mug features the words, “Best Cat Mom Ever” and a cartoon kitty. It is an eleven oz ceramic mug and has a minimalist, eye catching design. Great gift idea for a cat lover as well as a coffee drinker!


Cat-Opoly is a cat themed strategic board game styled on the monopoly model. Suitable for two to six players, the game play is similar to monopoly. Travel around the board looking for prime breeds such as Maine Coon or the Persian. You can buy litter boxes that can be traded in for fish bones. Great fun for the whole family!

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Kit

This feel good kitty pheromone kit will help your cat adjust to new environments. If you have a troubled kitty or a new kitten that is not familiar with your place, Comfort Zone diffuser kit will help your cat calm down. The diffuser plug-in helps your cat to deal with stress and anxiety. A spray version is also available which can be used in areas that the cats are scratching or marking and it will help decrease that behavior.

PyroPet Candles Kisa Candle

It’s a simple geometric shaped cat candle by PyroPet Candles. The beauty about these candles is that when you actually light them, there’s a hidden metal skeleton on the inside. It would really make a good décor piece if you are into this kind of stuff. You can set this candle alight and slowly watch as the wax melts away and the skeleton of the cat appears. The candle is based on geometry and the actual shape is designed specifically so that it melts in a certain way. The whole burning process can take up to 20 hours after which the whole skeleton is revealed. Unlike normal candles where you are left with just empty glass or just a pile of wax, this does give you something to show for your money and keep it on the shelf.

Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

Here’s something you don’t see every day…kittens in your kitchen! These are cat themed ceramic measuring cups and bowls with cute tail handles. Made from highest quality ceramic, these measuring bowls look awfully cute. They can take hot liquids or cold liquids or any dry ingredients that you need to measure. They have cute kitten faces and their tall handles stay cool to touch and they stand on four little paws. Even better they nest, so they are easy to store. They make cooking or baking extra sweet and make a wonderful gift for cat lovers everywhere.

FurHaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Furniture

This is a multi level playground for cats and kittens with two private cat houses. It’s covered in plush fabric and has a cat ladder to reach the second level. It also includes a spring ball wand, a hanging ball and a dangling mouse toy for hours of fun entertainment. The sisal scratching post will let your cat stretch and scratch instead of using your couch or your favorite chair for this. This cat furniture will work for majority of felines.

Cat butt magnets

Of all the inventions known to man from the Hula Hoop to the car wheel, this is somewhere amongst them. It’s the cat butt magnet set. This is a fantastic collection of all different varieties of cat butts! And you know what…you can stick these adorable cat butts on your fridge or locker or any surface that’s magnetic. You’ll definitely have one of your friends who would want these for Christmas.

Curious Cat Cube

This cat house is designed to entice your cat to play and hang-out. It is strongly constructed and sturdy. Also the cat hideout collapses for storage when your cat isn’t using it. The bed top on this cat house is cushioned with stuffed bolsters for elevated lounging and relaxation too. Your cat can play hide and seek through the cutouts. The cube is brown faux suede and perfect for all size of cats.

Hanging Cat Condo

Cat owners who live in an apartment have limited space for their kitty to play around. The Hanging Cat Condo is the solution to your cat’s mischievous little desires. As the name suggests, the Hanging Condo hangs virtually on any door thus freeing up valuable floor space. With multiple connected levels, your cat will hop in and explore up and down each floor.

PetSafe Drinkwell

Cats are fussy creatures and they prefer to drink from fresh running water. With the Drinkwell fountain range, you can make sure they have something exactly to their taste. The Drinkwell gives a constant stream of water like a natural spring, which actually encourages your cat to drink more frequently. This helps keep your cat healthier by preventing dehydration and cystitis. Drinkwell also has a charcoal filter to remove any unpleasant tastes and odors that often put cats off drinking tap water.

Outdoor Kitty House

Your cat may want to sneak out from time to time and an outdoor shelter would be very helpful, especially during fall and winter. Outdoor Kitty House from K&H is a unique shelter for outdoor cats that is available in both heated and unheated options. It assembles with easy in a matter of minutes and no tools are needed. The heated model includes a 20 watt K&H heated electro soft weatherproof bed to ensure your cat stays warm and comfortable. It also has two entrances for your kitty to escape from unwanted predators.

Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Most cats need a clean litter box to be happy. Maintaining your cats litter box is more convenient than ever with ScoopFree Ultra Self Cleaning Litter box. It allows your cat’s litter box alone for weeks at a time. The automatic rake moves solid waste into a covered trap and the added hood gives your cat privacy along with additional odor control. The system is pre loaded with a special Crystal litter in a convenient disposable tray that is easy to replace and is five times more effective at reducing odor than clay or clumping litter.

Cat Stax Puzzle

Cat Stax is a puzzle game which challenges you to arrange the colorful cats of various shapes onto a card until they fit perfectly. Suitable for ages 8 and above, the puzzle has 48 challenge cards.

Kitty Ball Cat Bed

If you want to give your cat a comfortable bed without sacrificing the style of your living space, then the Kitty Ball Bed from The Refined Feline is an ideal solution. The Kitty ball bed gives your cat a roomy comfortable bed that’s off the ground but easy to get into. Its cushion is soft, removable and machine washable. The aesthetically pleasing dome is 17 inches in diameter providing maximum space and comfort for your cat.

ViviPet Cat Dining Table

The Vivipet cat dining table is designed to allow your medium sized pet to eat at a more ergonomically correct posture. The 15 degree tilted platform is perfect for easy eating and licking. The table is equipped with two handcrafted wide ceramic bowls which are heat and dishwasher safe. Your cat will love this dining table as it makes its eating more comfortable and stress free.

Mod Dream Pod

Your cat will stay inside this Dream Pod all day long. Its unique and spacious design is modern, comfortable and can fit any sized kitty. Its hard rugged exterior shell is durable, supportive and is the perfect sleepy time hiding spot. The Mod Dream pod is available in several colors and can be purchased heated or unheated. The inside is lush and so comfortable. The soft lycra interior and washable pillow are delightful.  The heated version includes an energy efficient four watt pet bed warmer. It is designed to heat 12 to 15 degrees above ambient room temperature making it an extra enticing place for your kitty to rest. The large opening makes entry and exit a breeze.

The Ripple Rug

Does your cat scale your curtains or use your sofa for manicures? The Ripple Rug helps satisfy your fur baby’s instinctive behaviors. It’s a great place to play, pounce, hide, scratch, groom, nap and sleep. It’s very easy to make new shapes with this rug and it folds neatly when guests come to visit. It’s also environmentally friendly as it is made using recycled plastic bottles.

LED Animal Night Light

This colorful soft silicone cat light is great for a child’s room especially to help them when they are going to sleep at bedtime. It is shaped like a friendly cute cat and has a rechargeable battery. The seven color modes can be switched by tapping on the light. It gives a nice muted glow without being too bright that would keep somebody awake.