Proud dog owners acknowledge publicly, how their pets own them! Unlike our furry friend, feline kitties, dogs make their presence felt by being active and vocal throughout. They come in various sizes, and have distinctive features based on their breed, and pedigree.

Dog breeding is a process of mating carefully chosen species of dogs, to produce puppies with specific qualities, and behavioral features. The practice of dog breeding goes back a few hundred years. Today, we have more than four hundred recognized breeds of dogs.

However, do not get spooked! I have no intention to turn you off, by a long boring discussion about dog’s looks and characteristics. Here is a brief about the various breeds, along with their distinctive features, to show you, what makes them so endearing and special.

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Dogs are famous for their speed, an inherent characteristic that makes them skillful hunters. Humans have figured out this trait thousands of years back, and used dogs for hunting and for sports. Today, in the twenty first century, most governments have banned hunting, and rarely do we use dogs in sports. The fiercer breeds of dogs are now given professional dog training by armies and police force, where their service is desired and much appreciated. With proper training, these aggressive breeds of dogs can be transformed into loving and loyal companions.

  • Great Dane: Looks can be deceptive! No better phrase can describe this breed, so well. The giant sized breed is very emotional and sensitive in nature. However, without a proper training, they tend to become quite savage, and hostile.
great danes playful
  • Boxers: They have powerful jaws and bite, which makes them perfect skilled hunters. Since long, this breed has been used to hunt smaller animals, or attack them, facilitating hunting for their owners. Boxers also exhibit die-hard loyalty in guarding owners’ property.
boxers dog staring
  • Bullmastiffs are large, which in itself can be intimidating. Their aggressive temperament makes them more intimidating. They need to undergo rigorous training for social adaptation to make them comfortable with their owners.
bullmastiff enjoying a walk

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Whoever said, everything comes with a price tag, could not have been more correct. Some breeds can cause a hole in your pocket when it comes to buying them.

  • Samoyed dogs are tough, alert, and look adorable. They are preferred as household pets due to their friendly nature. Samoyed dog breed originated from reindeer herders and they are hard to breed. This makes them one of the most expensive breed, ranging from $4000 to $10000.
samoyed white fluffy puppy
  • Rottweilers are the largest sized, gutsy dogs that are protective of their territory and subsequently their owners. Their breed costs up to $7000. These species, however, are more prone to cancer, allergies, and hypothyroidism.
rottweiler resting
  • German shepherd is the most sought after dog breed in military, and by the police force. Their intelligence makes them endearing and lends well to professional training. With their proven record of accomplishment, the breed costs up to $6500.
german shepherd dog running

Longest Living Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, our canine companions do not get to live as long as we do. Their average life span ranges from 10-14 years, where, some of the breeds live longer than the others do. Mostly, it has been found that smaller breeds of dogs have a longer life span compared to their giant sized counterparts.

  • Chihuahua is a smaller petite built species with large eyes and lives up to 18 years. Due to their small size, they are not suitable for performing duties like hunting, sports and guarding owners’ property. A little walk daily is all the exercise they need. This results in slow aging process and helps them live longer.
small dog chihuahua
  • Pomeranian belongs to the famous Spitz family. With their good genetic configuration and healthy lifestyle, they tend to live beyond 16 years. Owners need to take care of their daily activities that include a lot of games and walks. Unfortunately, they are prone to health related issues like hypoglycemia and shoulder luxation.
pomeranian pet dog
  • Maltese are fluffy old Mediterranean breed with an average lifespan of 14 years. Though smaller in size, they are fearless, and extremely high-spirited. They, like the Pomeranians, are prone to health related issues.
white maltese small cute dog

Teddy Bear Dog Breed

These dog breeds are simply adorable. They get their names from the teddy bear because of their cuddly features. Teddy bear puppies are a cross breed between Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu. This breed requires a lot of exercise, and activities to stay healthy.

  • Zuchon teddy bear dog is known for its delicate, fluffy and furry coats, and big eyes. A full-grown dog weighs around 8-12 pounds and is 9-12 inches in length.
new hybrid zuchon
  • Mini teddy bear is the cross breed between Maltese and Shih Tzu. Famously known as teacup teddy bear puppies, this breed has large drooping ears, small body, and large eyes. Usually the dogs weigh 9-12 pounds when grown up.
maltese-shih tsu or mini teddy bear
  • Poochon is the cross breed between Bichon Frise and a Poodle. The fur-coated dogs have loose curls that come in various colors. They do not shed often, a unique trait that makes them even more endearing to people, who are allergic to pet hair. Hence, this trait makes them hypoallergenic compared to their counterparts. They represent the most intelligent breed of dogs and always remain alert and can be facilitated for professional training.
poochon designer breed
most popular dog breeds

Japanese dog breeds

Dogs originally bred in Japan come in various sizes and colors.

  • Shiba-Inu is the most popular dog breed in Japan. Their breeding dates back 3000 years. They were primarily bred to hunt small animals, birds, deer, and boar, along with their owner. These type of dogs need regular exercises to maintain their health and are quite vocal.
shiba inu japanese dog breed
  • Japanese Chin: Though their place of origin happens to be China, or Korea, they are known as Japanese Chin. This breed weighs less than 10 pounds and looks delicate and petite. They were mostly popular with aristocrat families of Japan.
japanese chin companion dog

Small to Medium Dog Breeds

Medium sized dogs are just right for a small urban family. They weigh around 30-60 pounds, and are available in various shapes, having unique personality traits. Large dogs call for a bigger space, and are fit to be adopted by owners living in a villa or bungalow. In big cities and urban lifestyle, space is cramped and does not provide the freedom, a large dog needs. A medium sized dog is just the right choice.

  • Bulldogs have distinctive features that make them stand out in a crowd. They are very sociable and adaptable in nature, though their wrinkled face with loose muscles give them a sturdy look.
bulldog medium dog
  • Cocker Spaniels have their origin in hunting dogs. They are spirited in nature and love to indulge in activities.
cocker spaniel companion dog
  • Shetland Sheepdog are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. Their fur coat is long and they are extremely devoted to their owners. They bond better with families and turn out to be loyal companions.
Shetland Sheepdog

Fluffy Dog Breeds

Looking to fluff up your life in a cold winter? What better choice than to snuggle around with a fluffy dog having long and cozy fur. People living in colder regions are blessed to be able to adopt these fluffy canine friends. Pomeranians, Samoyed, are best example of fluffy dogs ready to be caressed and pampered.

  • Chow Chow is a big fluffy dog breed from China. They have thick double coat around their body, and a distinct blue tongue.
chow chow china dog breed
  • Bichon Frise is conspicuously small with a vibrant fluffy coat. These white fur balls are little adorable creatures that are best suited to stroking and cuddling.
bichon frise small fluffy dog

Long-haired Dog Breeds

Longhaired breed of dogs makes for excellent working dogs. Their silky long coat is an exhibit in dog shows.  They love to be pampered by their owners.

  • Bearded collie is famous for herding cattle. Their long hair calls for timely maintenance. Frequent brushing keeps their furry coat free from entanglements. They have very affable nature, which makes them bond well with people, especially children.
bearded collie companion dog
  • Afghan hounds were bred for their sophisticated presence. They are natives of high altitude areas, and covered with thick long hair to protect them from cold. These dogs make up for best show dogs, and many aristocrat families of Europe and US prefer to exhibit Afghan hounds in dog shows. They respond well to training and pampering.
afgan hound flowing coat

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Strangely, some of the canine breeds do not show any signs of activity and prefer to snooze lazily in the afternoon sun. They lack the vigor, and energy unlike their other canine counterparts. However, they respond well to pampering, affection, and sheer grooming.

  • Saint Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds, mostly found in suburbs. Their calm and uncomplaining attitude makes them safe for children.
saint bernard large dog
  • Basset Hounds have typical short stubby legs, and droopy ears that make them stand out.
basset hounds lazy dog

Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Some of us do not crave a dignified watchdog safeguarding our house. Instead, all we want is an adorable, cuddly puppy, curled by our side, and become our soul buddy!

  • Golden retriever puppies are just perfect for people, who want their dogs to curl up while sleeping. Golden retriever is a lapdog, specially bred to work closely with humans. They need regular exercises to stay fit, and healthy. These dogs are low maintenance, yet filled with energy, and vigor.
golden retriver family pet
  • Bernese Mountain Dog: The vast stretch of farmland on the mountainous region of Switzerland required working dogs. A particular species of dog breed, were needed for herders to safeguard their cattle from the attack of wild animals. The dogs of this breed have long hair and are equipped to pull carts through hilly regions, and protect owners’ property. At the same time, they prove to be a loyal companion, with complete devotion to their owners. They are extremely adaptable, and sociable, meant to be trained by individuals.
bernese mountain dog
  • Other affectionate dog breeds include Maltese, Bichon Frise and Labrador retriever.

Dog breeds that look like wolves

A cross breed of wolf and a wolf hybrid like Lupo Italiano, Kumming wolf dog gives offspring that look like wolves. Many states have banned this process as illegal. This is because the cross breed does not lend well to domestic adaptation and turns out to be hostile. Some of you, who get fascinated by the wolf-look, can choose to opt for dogs that look like wolves.

  • Tamaskan dogs are native of Finland and have been bred to look like wolves. They weigh around 65-90 pound; have grey coats and a straight tail. These dogs are shy, intelligent and high-spirited. This type of breed has to be kept active all the time. They are not easily domesticated and should not be trusted with children. Their breeding is a recent experiment; hence, nothing concrete can be said about their longevity.
tamaskan crossbreed resembles a wolf
  • Northern Inuit, like Tamaskan is a relatively recent breed that looks like wolves. They weigh around 55-85 pounds; have a double coat to protect them from cold as they originated in higher altitudes. These species have lot of vigor, and energy. As a result, they need to be kept occupied most of the time.
northern inuit

Large White Dog Breeds

Large white dog breeds are good to look at, and require grooming at regular intervals to maintain their long shiny fur. Samoyed, Afghan hounds, and Great Pyrenees are best examples of this special breed. These species shed twice a year and a regular visit to the vet is necessary.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Dogs like bulldogs, Chihuahua, and Ibiza hound are perfect examples of low maintenance dog breeds. Their short hair, lazy attitude restricts them from being agile and working dogs. Consequently, they call for less grooming, and low maintenance.

Short Haired Dog Breeds

Shorthaired dogs require less grooming, and are perfect for busy urban households. Low on maintenance cost, with equally high energy level, makes them special and lovable companions. They require few visits to veterinarians, an occasional check on nails, teeth, and ears; that is about it. The Australian cattle dog, Ibiza hound and Labrador retriever fall under the shorthaired dog breeds. These are socially affable and family dogs.

If you are trying to find the perfect breed for you, do visit a dog-show and get your loyal companion. Getting puppies from a good breeder makes it easy, to get them trained, and domesticated.